Hudson City Chaos

Man Without a Face

HCC Date – April 12th, 2015

A former CIA operative has rolled into Hudson City. While his codename was previously “Crow” he is currently without an identity. He creates the pseudonym “Hank Paulson” and begins to investigate the serial killer, “The Muffin Man”. In order to blend in among the residents of Freetown, where the latest abduction occurred, he assumes the guise of “Reverend Greene”. The Reverend speaks to many locals including LaWanda Gregory, a local junkie, who he convinces to get back into rehab. He has a brief chat with the King Street Warriors and gives the mother of the abducted boy $500.

Arriving back at his apartment he hears movement outside the door and a paper slides underneath. The paper says, “You’re not a preacher” and gives him a phone number. He goes a roundabout way to calling the number and eventually speaks with a young woman who calls herself “Whyt Lady”. They meet at a diner and she tells him that she wants to help him with The Muffin Man.

She begins to comb the HCPD database for clues and finds some leads through Child Protective Services. They finally cross check their information against the Sex Offenders list and get a hit….Robert Jacobs.


966deadman 966deadman

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