Hudson City Chaos

To Catch a Predator

HCC Date: April 12th, 2015

Using the data obtained by Whyt Lady, Faceless has assumed the identity of Jack Hammond and makes his way to the home of Robert Jacobs’ ex-wife, Teresa. Jack gains entry by telling Teresa that he has been sent to protect them from her ex. Once inside Faceless subdues and ties up Teresa and both of Jacobs’ children (James 14, Jennifer 11). He assumes that Jacobs will be monitoring the security cameras.

Whyt Lady puts out a call to two vigilantes that she has recently become acquainted with. “The Shield” and “Vee” arrive separately on the street behind the Jacobs’ home. They take out the lights and move in with Whyt Lady guiding them and communicating with Faceless inside. The two are taken aback when they find that Faceless has incapacitated the family. They don’t have time to dwell on it however. They hear a commotion from the front of the house and see that several figures are assaulting the house. A short firefight breaks out with the vigilante group “Libra” that leaves Vee with his arm nearly severed.

During the battle Faceless takes Jacobs’ daughter out through the backyard and stops at a camera taunting the suspected serial killer. Jacobs responds and has been apparently monitoring the whole thing from the attic of the house. He is incapacitated by Faceless and with the help of The Shield duct tapes him to the ceiling in the family room. A verbal altercation breaks out among the members of Libra as to what to do with Jacobs. Finally “Shadow” has had enough and shoots the bound Jacobs three times in the head. Everyone is forced to flee as they begin to hear sirens but Faceless is particularly angry at how everything played out.


966deadman 966deadman

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